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Financing Simplified with Easy Lend

We offer financing to our customers through Easy Lend

Easy Lend offers the most competitive rates across Canada. Even if you do not meet traditional lending criteria, Easy Lend can accommodate you through specialized programs.


Call (647) 562-4201 x 101, or complete a credit application. After emailing or faxing the completed application back to Easy Lend, a representative will get in touch shortly.



Economical open cutting machine


No need to spend half a million or more on a fiber laser machine any more, this open, space saving design will get you into the manufacturing business faster then any other machine, or if you are already in the business, adding this economical machine to your capabilities is almost a must in todays manufacturing market, and now with this cheap and powerful machine it is possible for any manufacturing shop to own this machine, what's more it can be setup anywhere, 50amps 220v single phase power is enough to power a machine that can cut up to 1/2'' inch material, the cost of this machine (no matter how small your company) is likely less than the monthly sales of your company.
Or if you would like to upgrade to the 2000/3000w machine please send us an email with your request and we can start talking about the capabilities of these machines 

The open laser model.

The Open Laser series is a dual servo drive, cutting speed up to 4,725 inch/min, industrial welded machine bed with heat treatment gives this Economic machine accuracy and long life.  CNC high accuracy milling process is performed to install the linear guide rail and gear rack along with an aluminum X bream to  ensure the machine accuracy. The open design is a single table design to make it easy to load and unload materials, and on maintenance, it can be fitted with the advanced fiber-optic laser source of your choice Raycus/IPG for sheet metal cutting, such as stainless steel sheet cutting, carbon steel sheet cutting, galvanized steel sheet cutting, aluminum sheet cutting etc.

Fiber Laser Source

Raycus/IPG Photonics are the world leaders in high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers for material processing and other applications. The New fiber laser cutting sources offer a high peak power, to achieve quick and clean repeat piercing on thicker materials, high-quality cutting etc. cutting high-reflective metals, all of which increase the processing speed and cut quality. Thereby improving the overall processing capacity, while saving material, time, and operating costs.


Considering the life span of the laser cutting machine, this machine bed is made heavy-duty, plate welded, along with honeycomb and section exhaust system, and annealed to release the internal stress of the machine to ensure it's working stable for a long time, to make sure it's working in an industrial environment but not get deformed.
Here is the process of how we make our machine bed:
Using steel plate to cut the machine bed→ Annealing→ Rough CNC machining→Polishing and Painting→ Accuracy CNC milling machining


Here is why we use  Aerospace aluminum beam for the machine X-axis. 

After examining the aerospace aluminum, aluminum casting, and steel welded X bream, aerospace aluminum is the best option for machine X beam, The reason is aerospace aluminum was manufactured using aerospace standards and extruded using a 4,300-ton press. After the aging treatment, the hardness can reach T6.  And we also consider the weight of the X-axis beam, Aviation aluminum has good toughness, lightweight, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and low density, which can open the imagination of the machine speed in todays highly competitive world.


WSX NC30 is an auto-focusing fiber cutting head built for machines up to 3.3kw. This head has a built-in servo motor drive autofocusing system. The focus lens is driven by a linear mechanism to automatically change the focus position. The focus is controlled automatically through the program to cut thick and thin steel, requiring no manual set up to cut different thicknesses. This economically friendly fiber laser cutting head is equipped with a D30 compound lens group to integrate the laser beam and have been optimized in the design of optics and water cooling systems so that the laser head can work continuously and stable for many years.


FSCUT2000 medium power laser cutting system is a full-solution open-loop control system specially designed for the sheet metal fabrication industry, with  easy to  adjust features, excellent performance and fully integrated solutions.

Support basic technique such as Fly cutting, frog-leap lifting, kerf width compensation, lead lines, micro-joints, pre-piercing, film cutting etc.

Modern full network-compatible PC-based control unit

Supports up to 5-stage piercing techniques, segment and step pierce patterns.

Support advanced functions of find workpiece edge, auto focus control, break point locate, remnant cuts etc.

Fine cutting techniques, smooth start and Stop cutting,

Support intelligent barrier avoidance,

Open-loop control system with 3rd generation motion control algorithms,

dual-Y drive position error detect function.


Superior performance and compact design
A speed bandwidth of 1,600 Hz provides an outstanding response putting minimum power into maximum volume.
Simplified engineering, installation, and commissioning
offers a host of features for rapid installation and maintenance e. g. removable, color-coded connectors,
Open for the world of motion
Communication boards, encoder options, and accessories.


It is a high-precision transmission part. The rack and linear guides are heat-treated with high rigidity and wear resistance, and can work under high torque requirements smoothly with low noise.

High precision blocks

Significantly reduces frictional drag variations.

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