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FAB-CAN Fast Pall SERIES... Laser Cutting Machine 3-30kW

FSCUT8000 EtherCAT bus system

The FSCUT8000C EtherCAT CNC Control System is a cutting-edge CNC controller designed to provide superior cutting performance and accuracy. Its advanced EtherCAT communication technology ensures fast and reliable data exchange between different components, resulting in a stable and high-speed operation. The system's high-powered and intelligent cutting head delivers precise cuts on various materials, making it suitable for a wide range of cutting applications.

With the FSCUT8000 EtherCAT CNC Control System, you can expect optimal cutting results and maximum efficiency in your operations.

BeMoore Laser Control

multiple piercing solutions for metal sheet of different thickness; piercing slag removal; vibration suppression; ​close-loop gas control; Separate layer technique for large, medium and small contour cutting, all to expand the machine production capability.

Speed: acceleration up to 5G

  • Find edge: up to 1800inch/min high speed with precision find sheet edge, optional find edge patterns to meet your production needs.
  • File formats: support direct production of DXF and G code; support fast process of LXDS and NRP file generated by CypNest.
  • Assist functions: quick cut-off remnant sheet, auto  nozzle cleaning, auto lubrication, Auto pallet changes, ect...
  • Accuracy: theoretical path accuracy ±0.005'', positioning accuracy ±0.005'', repositioning accuracy ±0.005''.
  • Algorithm: adopt asymmetrical acceleration and deceleration algorithm, reduce machine impact and prolongs machine Life.

Intelligent High Power Cutting Heads.

BeMoore Laser Cutting Head


A welded plate heavy work bed is an excellent choice for laser cutting machines that require ultra-high power, such as those boasting a 40,000 watt capacity. The added weight of the work bed improves the cutting speed and overall performance of the machine.

Its stiff and stable base frame provides a robust foundation for laser cutting, ensuring precision and accuracy even during high-speed operations.

This type of work bed can facilitate faster cutting without compromising quality or accuracy. The welded plate construction reduces vibration and noise, creating a more comfortable and safe working environment for machine operators and other employees.

In summary, a welded plate heavy work bed is an ideal investment for anyone seeking enhanced performance and efficient laser cutting.

Screenshot 2023-07-27 131516.png

Extruded Aluminum Gantry

When it comes to machine gantry one material stands out for its exceptional properties, and that material is aerospace-grade aluminum. Produced to meet strict industry standards and extruded in a 4,300 ton press, this material boasts a unique combination of high strength and ultra-lightweight design.

Aerospace aluminum's low weight is a definite advantage, as it can significantly reduce the weight of a gantry. Additionally, this material's rigidity increases the stiffness and stability of a structure, making it a vital component in critical applications where lightweight and durability are of utmost importance.

Beyond its weight and rigidity, aerospace aluminum can also increase machine speed, thanks to its ability to withstand high speeds and stresses. This makes it possible to manufacture components that can endure high loads, enabling machines to operate more efficiently and effectively.

By leveraging this cutting-edge material, we can take the capabilities of to the next level, achieving new heights of performance and reliability.

Exchange Table.

The incorporation of the Fast Up and Over table in a fiber laser machine brings significant benefits in terms of time savings and operational efficiency.

By using the fast Up and Over mechanism reduces the number of moving parts involved in the table change system. This simplified approach not only enhances reliability but also minimizes the risk of encountering technical issues or malfunctions that could disrupt the laser cutting Machine.

This innovative feature improves workflow and minimizes down time, allowing operators to achieve high-quality laser-cut products more efficiently.


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